Company Services

Advising on tax, legal and financial issues in Denmark

Good counselling can be extremely valuable in any development process, not least when a company must adapt as efficiently as possible to finance, tax and other regulations in a foreign country. It is one thing to make deliberate decisions that turn out to be impractical. It is quite another thing to make random decisions that easily could turn out to be destructive. 

From the very start Wise Management’s core competences have been in the fields of tax, law and finance. We know all the possibilities and pitfalls and have considerable experience in creating the optimal set-up for all kinds of companies, from the construction of the company through organizational structure to the raising of capital. 

Core competences:

  • Company formations
  • Vat registration
  • Tax representative
  • Bank accounts
  • Company registrations
  • Legal aspects
  • Contracts
  • HR

Complicated legal regulations frequently cause processes to stop. Not only because many regulations are very complicated, but also because a gap of misunderstanding between advisor and client often arises. We at Wise Management make a virtue out of creating clarity and understanding. This avoids uncertainty and delays, which is the best precondition for creating manageable, operational and effective business solutions.
Wise Management can help with everything from establishment to changes in, and reporting of, a company’s legal situation.

We provide support in drawing-up employment contracts for executives and other salaried employees as well as advising boards and company owners in the field of employment and dismissal of staff and executives.

We provide qualified consultancy, when a change of course is required or when a company needs to develop, mature, to be liquidated or to be sold. We have been involved in all these processes and have personally built companies from the start and sold them with a profit. Therefore, we have a whole range of natural prerequisites for coaching the management and staff of a company in order to create clear goals and to achieve them.

Nor should we forget to mention that we also have tried ideas and constructions that have been less successful. This has given us highly valuable experience that both we and our clients can benefit by today.

For further information, please contact CEO Mr. Michael Lynggaard on +45 70 20 07 68