Specialists in HR and payroll services in Denmark

To hire an employee in Denmark as a foreign company can be tricky. According to Danish law, the company has to be registered as an employer in Denmark.

To meet this requirement the company has 3 options:

  • The company establishes a subsidiary in Denmark.
  • The company establishes a branch in Denmark.
  • The company choose a representative in Denmark.

Whatever request you might have, Wise Management assists you to get a good start in Denmark.
Wise Management is your professional partner if you want to establish a subsidiary or branch or are looking for a representative in Denmark. We take care of all legal work and the administration of your company.

Key competences:

  • Pay roll service
  • Employment contracts
  • Tax representative
  • HR hotline for employer and employee
  • Legal and income tax
  • Assisting expatriates in coming to Denmark
  • Relocation services
  • Work permits

A payroll service in Wise Management is more than just a monthly payslip. We handle the company’s interests and act as right-hand partners on the Danish market. Wise Management ensures that the company always has someone who can help in Denmark.

We take care of everything from the practical preparation of payroll, payment of tax at source, supplementary labour market pension, reports to the employer and the dialogue with authorities, banks, employees, etc.

We are your partner who represents your company in Denmark. We ensure that the company complies with the Danish legislation, just as we ensure that the employee gets his salary on time.

In Wise Management, customers have access to our consultancy services and we are always up-to-date on all important legal issues. We can work out employment contracts, advise on recruitment and dismissal of employees and provide business oriented coaching.

For further information, please contact CEO Mr. Michael Lynggaard on +45 70 20 07 68